Who we are?

ICareNet is a Private Localized Direct Selling Company based in Dubai UAE. Our company comprises two side business model, on one side we have our network Independent Representatives (IRs) and on the other hand the company’s strategic partners. The company offers business opportunities for members who can generate various income streams through our smart direct selling model. Our partners are International leading firms whom we offer access to previously inaccessible customer segments through our vast and dynamic network of IRs.

Our rapidly scaling network comprises of hundreds of thousands of Independent Representatives (IRs) who enjoy guaranteed commissions under the company innovative marketing schemes. ICareNet adopts a unique multi-level system. The system offers the payment of large, continues and stable commissions to our members. Our model is designed to equip members with the best possible support to grow their markets through a wide range of leadership, communications and business development training and effective marketing tools. Additionally, icareNet provides the network representatives with a variety of consumable products with guaranteed demand.

Our company offers business partners a customized loyalty programs that can maximize business objectives. We are helping our partners reach previously inaccessible customer segments and remarkable climb in sale rates. Now iCare Net operates and has customers in more than 9 countries including the US, UK, and UAE.

CEO Foreword

Our bold principle “People are our most valuable asset” guided us to provide ultimate opportunities to our people in terms of leadership development, unique services and maximized returns on investments.

Since the development of iCareNet five-year medium-term management plan starting in 2012, we managed to achieve tremendous results through our devoted community of loyal leaders.

The period ending December 31, 2017, showed us a new record for members’ count, Our network has witnessed an expeditious expansion of 10 fold in the past 4 years. Our e-wallet services dominate the mobile transactions with 70% market share. Our telecom postpaid offers sales represented 10% of our telecom partner postpaid sales. Our healthcare services helped more than 10K patients.

We look forward to building an organization that will lead to the collective growth of our members, clients and business partners.


To create various income opportunities to overcome business entry barriers and enhance our people’s living standards through smart leadership development mechanisms and innovative business models and partnerships.


To become the No.1 localized direct selling company in global markets aiming at enhancing people lives.