The Company

ICareNet is a privately held company based in Khartoum, Sudan founded in 2012. The company offers leadership development and business opportunities for more than 20K leaders across Sudan

What we do?

As a leadership development and direct selling company, iCareNet provides wide range of professional training, services and tools, in order to offer its leaders the best possible support in their business activities. ICare thereby ensures that the network is continuously expanded in terms of Members, Loyalty Merchants and Representatives.

Why us?

ICareNet is the first localised direct selling system tailored specifically for the MENA region culture. iCareNet follow the uni-level system which has the advantage of being the fairest system in terms of the paying large, continues and stable commissions.

Why Choose Us

We offer the heighest discounts

Using the power of the group we are commited to provide our clients with the best deals and discounts.

We value our customers and clients

we strive to satisfy our customer and we are ready to bring forth lasting change through our productsm and our loyalty system.