Who we are?

ICareNet was founded in 2012 with a revolutionary vision for change and innovation. Our main focus is on developing new business models that would facilitate the elevation of poverty and the generation of high incomes. ICare works with reputable organizations to deliver long-term value and services while connecting people with technology and user friendly applications that would save time, money and effort. ICare is built on a culture that encourages people to be their best and to do the best job they can for the benefit of their local and global communities while maintaining hope, positivity and integrity. Our aim is to empower the individual (I) and the community (we) through an integral caring approach to business and life.

Our Vision

ICare endeavors to establish itself as a household name in the fields of direct selling and network marketing as well as well as being an applications service provider (ASP), while adhering to our highest values of integrality, education, inspiration, empowerment, excellence, etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to challenge and change the outdated modes and tactics currently employed in direct selling, network marketing, and services provision through the delivery of comprehensive business packages that best serve the needs of our customers, and clients. We aim to introduce strict ethical standards and shape the business environment around us in a radical way that makes our company the truly awaited change-maker in today’s volatile local, national and international business terrain. Because our customers are also first and foremost our partners, we can thus say our mission is for all of us to become the change that we all desire and urgently need.


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Why Choose Us

We offer the heighest discounts

Using the power of the group we are commited to provide our clients with the best deals and discounts.

We value our customers and clients

we strive to satisfy our customer and we are ready to bring forth lasting change through our productsm and our loyalty system.